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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pudding it about!

As boasted on Facebook, I have indeed made a marmalade steamed pudding. If you would like to make one too, and if not, what's wrong with you, it's freezing out there! - here's how.

 Here are your basic requirements -

150 grams self raising flour.
2 tea spoons cinnamon
150 grams butter.
150 grams sugar.
3 eggs ( free range)
two pieces of stem ginger very finely chopped.
Juice of one orange, zest of one orange ( I only had lemons, which work fine!)
Four or five spoons of marmalade
Golden syrup.

You're also going to need a pudding basin, I have a glass mixing bowl which works fine, you just need something that has a lip around the edge.

 Grease the inside of the pudding bowl with butter and put four spoons of marmalade in to the bottom, then a good pour of golden syrup. You need a piece of baking paper and a piece of foil to make a lid, lay the foil on top of the paper and make a pleat in both, this gives it room to expand.

 Put all the other ingredients into your mixer, or a bowl and use your hand mixer to blend it all together until it's smooth, light and fluffy. Pour into the pudding basin, lay the foil and paper over the top, scrunch it down over the edge of the bowl and tie in place with string - you may need a hand with this! Put in a steamer and steam for 2 hours - remember to check it so it doesn't boil dry.
 And here we go - two hours later take it our of the steamer, take off the foil lid and then place a plate over the bowl. Holding both together ( you'll need oven gloves) invert the bowl so the pudding drops out onto the plate - is should come out pretty cleanly but if any juicy bits cling on, pour them over the pudding. Serve warm with cream or custard.
 Someone had two helpings!

In case you're wondering how it's going with the economy drive, over the last two months we have saved £1200. Yes, £1200!! Unfortunately, dental bills and other medical expenses have cost us £575, which has rather taken the air from out sails, but we're still hoping card one of three, the one with interest, will be canceled out by the end of March. If we can make it through until Thursday that is, with about £20 left in the world!

It's hurting, but it is working!