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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thames festival


I have finally got my self back together after a weekend at the Thames festival, on the craft trail with we make London.

We had something of a night mare journey, as although we had plenty of information of how to get there, no one could predict that we would spend 40 minuets in the Stainer street tunnel unable to move due to insane traffic lights. Although the South Bank is pedestrianized, we had been granted access, but we were up against the clock and when we'd finally escaped the tunnel, that access was over. We we were turned away, and tried another way, where some numpty in a day glow jacket let us enter. It turned out that he really shouldn't have done that, as we were suddenly driving through crowds of pedestrians giving us evil looks, until we gradually came to halt in a water feature. We were not alone, the numpty had allowed another pair of crafters though as well, and in the end a yellow jacket with a walkie talkie (clearly a sign of rank) lead us back out onto Tooley street.
'Follow me!' he promised, and then promptly vanished, and in the end we parked legally and ran to our stand with arm fulls of cakes and swearing.

But never mind! We made it!
And so did our cup-cakes and kidswear.

The events then went pretty well, there was a steady stream of people and many happy crafters attending the free workshops, all thanks to the we-make-London ladies, who kept it all going through rain and (mostly) shine.
The cakes went down pretty well, and I even sold some kids clothes, which was the main purpose of being there, and I certainly handed out a lot of cards. It's a hard and sometimes disheartening slog building up from the ground, but it's always good to realize that people are trying to make a difference - thanks we make London!

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