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Friday, 31 August 2012

New and exciting creations!

 Here's a new dress I have been working on, in my quest to create simple shapes that work really hard. It's a backless evening number with a cowl front, which can be worn as a hood on the back of your head for an even more exotic look. The cowl front disguises your bust, so you don't need to worry about nipples showing through, but you can also wear it over a strapless bra with a pretty back to show off, or indeed another close fitting top if it's cold.

And here's the clever bit, it's just one piece of fabric, cunningly put together! I hope to be selling these soon through Etsy and my website,

Thursday, 30 August 2012


It's been along time since I wrote this blog, for which I must apologize. I have been very busy, but this is not really an excuse, it's just what happened!

So, where are we now?

I've made a lot of these -  strappy sundresses which can also be worn as smock tops, and layered over t-shirts and sweaters when it get's cooler.
I've also teamed up with these guys - - where you will be able to buy them ( When Andy who runs it has a moment to up load them!) But you should support these guys anyway, as they arrange free stuff for Londoners to do and support Londoners who make stuff in London - like me!

If you haven't seen it, I have a new look website - so do stop by and say hi, and buy!

Coming soon will be some new trousers, coats and of course Kimonii, and I will keep you posted!

Buy for now!