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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Today I have been buying fabrics...

I have signed up to do a market with the lovely Designer/Maker people. My first outing with them will be on February 18th 2012, so if you are around and about do come and find me.
With this in mind, I have been buying fabrics from Fabric Land, (worst website, best fabric!) which is where I shall go when I die. I bought a lot of fat quarters, which are 1/4 meter squares of fabric, which they sell in bundles of four, so that each bundle gives you four lovely printed cottons. As I now have a Kimonii pattern for sizes 6-12 months, which can be cut out of one meter of fabric, I shall be making a whole load of these in mixed up printed cottons, so although the colours will match the finished garments will have one side different to the other, creating a (hopefully) delightful rag-bag/vintage look. I am hoping to get them down in price - although fabric is fractionally more expensive that bought on the roll, I can buy a much greater selection of prints than is possible when purchasing whole rolls. By the time I've made 12, I should be pretty speedy also! I can also make my funky Kossack pants with crazy multi-print legs in smaller sizes, all of which will make great gifts.
Anyway, right now they're just delightful bundles of fabrics, so here are some of the colours you can look forward to seeing in February!

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