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Friday, 10 February 2012

It's amazing what distracts me...

I have been mulling over things decorative in a the eternal quest for fabrics and trends to delight the eye and dress the kids is the smartest possible style, and sometimes that quest leads me to some new and exciting corners of the inter web.
Appro of nothing, I stumbled across a sight selling wedding invitations, and I have to say that I spent a happy half hour trawling through it and having a jolly good look at all their designs. Though possibly a wasted half hour as I am already married, but I sat there wishing that I had a party to plan where I could uses these completely delicious vintage style wedding invitations -

I mean look, how could you not want to open that with out a rush of joy and the anticipation of cream teas and bunting, and really nice bunting too, with seams and everything!  
 And this one - as I am about to go to the Museum of London for an evening of Georgian decadence this would perfect for gin and canapes - 
And finally this one - ooh don't you just want to invite everyone you know to a vintage style tea party with champagne and strawberry meringues!
If you know someone who's getting married, nudge them in this direction - and tell them to start things off with a bit of style! You can't beat some classy vintage style stationary to make one feel like a lady of letters, and no one would ever throw away something so beautiful!
These and more can be found on Bride and Groom Direct - and are too good to keep just for weddings!

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