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Thursday, 1 March 2012

I made this today

I've been playing round with ideas all week,all of which didn't work at all. So in a funk I had one more go in a half hearted way, and came up with this little shirt/cardigan number, which at last I am happy with!
This is made in a little piece of Italian shirting I had left over, so it's a one off, but I am thinking of making these as little fleece cardigans. I'd like to make cotton versions, but I may have to have the lower section in a plain fabric and the top section in print, as the ripple will show the inside and print fabrics tend to be printed on one side only. The skirt is cut from two spirals joined at the back, and that's how you get the beautiful ripple and movement - I love me spirals! I may make these with my pants to match.

Keep you posted!

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