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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Oriental by accident

This Kimonii was an experiment to see what an all cotton version of the style would be like, and also to try out my apron skirt idea.

The colours though suddenly look  very traditionally Chinese, I think it's that clear sky blue and the cherry red; and the straight skirt.

I finished the skirt edge by using mitered corners, which is my new lasted rave; it saves binding the skirt and makes the hem really neat - or it would have done had my sewing machine not slightly pulled the bobbin thread, meaning it didn't press very well!

But I do think it's very pretty, I think though I need to make the skirt a little more full on this little size, this straighter style would be better on the slightly older age group.
This is an idea for a little smock top, I really like this simple, triangle shape on little kids, 

The fabric is too heavy, but I like the colour, I wish I could get some linen look cotton which would hang perfectly for this idea,

I love circular pockets, bit tricky to line up though!


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