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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hello my three fans!

Hello gang!
I am planning my next sewing exploration, and I have ordered some turquoise Chinese satin from a budget ebay supplier with the aim of making Kimonii for myself,Lisa and Andy to wear at TG.
I have adjusted the pattern to include a more traditional Japanese drop shoulder, which in fact makes it easier to make as this is a far simpler shape than a western sleeve; the down side being that you have no where to hide when it's not perfect - Western design allows for easing, squeezing, adding in decorative pleats when inaccurate pattern measurements trip you up - so we'll see.
As they are for TG, they are a little more 'out there' then I might pursue for day to day wear, I have gone for turquoise satin with a gold faux leather belt for Lisa and I, and black Suedette for himself; and I have added some other details,including delightful exaggerated sleeves and much shorter pants than I would normally have!
I will post pictures as the project progresses!

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