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Saturday, 15 January 2011

And this I made for Mya's Birthday gift

Mya is one of Wednesday friends and the daughter of my friend Debbie, we met a the breast feeding support group, and now we have trained to be breast feeding peers supports, where we offer support to other mother who may be having problems with feeding, while Mya and Wednesday charge about causing havok!
This was made from a nice, slightly brushed tartan fabric in a blue/green check, and I felt the cream lace showed it off well.
The golden rule of sewing being to join all the small pieces to bigger pieces first (stops them getting lost), and to add as many pieces as you can while the main pieces are flat - traditionally, for example, you are told to make up the sleeve first and then the jacket body and insert the sleeve into the hole, like fitting a tube into a hole. This is fine if you have time, and is what you would do when creating a couture garment; but for production sewing like this, if you attached the sleeve to the arm hole when both are flat, the sew up the side seam and down the arm seam in one move, it's much faster. 
My only problem with this one, was that bearing these rules in mind; I make up the two sides of the garment in tandem, e.g I do one stage on the right side, then the same on the left; however, I got distracted as I had created a new puffed sleeve shape on the hoof (making it up as I went) and when I was ready to put the two sides together which is the second to last stage, discovered I had made two left hand sides instead of a left and a right.
Doh! Luckily I had just enough fabric to cut it out all again, and the obi belt which I make first, could be used with the two new sides no problem.
I kept the two sides, they may prove usefull to explain the idea to someone else I guess, no experience wasted!

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