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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

No pictures yet but..

I have been asked to do an interview on Three Counties radio, and they want me to bring some Kimonii obviously, and I have realized that I have sent all my best ones off for quotes and sampling; so I have been sewing away all day.
I was going to just do a simple burgundy cord all in one with my new cherry print binding; but then I discovered a piece of green and brown check wool cloth, and saw how nicely it went with an olive green and pink floral print that Andy's mum gave me. Of course, the wool cloth is probably not the best thing for childrens clothes as it should be dry clean only, but it would hand wash fine, and perhaps even a wool setting on a machine would be ok - and it will look so pretty, and also gives me a chance to try one of my ideas, putting a little a-line skirt over the trouser section as a less flamboyant version of the butterfly design.
I will post some pictures tomorrow!

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